Studio Photoshoot 3


Rose Photoshoot

Studio Shoot Day 2

Rincon & All Tribes

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Mural Painting

TKE Party Portraiture: DJ Prodigy

Photoshoot for a Day

Chris Orwick & The Man Behind the Bottle

Although there was much to take from Chris Orwick’s walk-through of narrative portraiture, one piece stuck more so than any of the other lessons. Your subject is your subject for a reason. One cannot just choose on a whim. Your subject  makes the piece. If your subject is on the less enthusiastic end of the stick, your work may end up being a bit more difficult. This all has given me more motivation to find a subject who is interesting, because as has been discussed, how do you make a complete stranger to those viewing your photographs compelling?

Annie Leibovitz Life Through a Lens

Documentaries have never held much of an interest in my life. Of the few that have, this documentary, “Annie Leibovitz Life Through a Lens” holds the spot for the second best documentary film I’ve seen, after Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift shop.” This film chronicles the life of Annie Leibovtiz, famed photographer and her work for such huge names as Rolling Stone Magazine, Vogue and Vanity Fair. This compelling piece sheds light on the life and career of a photographer who lived a life in front of and behind a camera.